Submission Guidelines

Women in Supply Chain Association Blog Guidelines

Share your knowledge and expertise on subjects that create thought, facilitate opportunity and success in the Supply Chain community and industry.

The WISC Association is always on the lookout for top-notch thought leaders and awesome subject-matter experts that want to share their expertise with our members. The WISC blog is a portal for information for the Supply Chain industry and all that encompasses.  WISC feels that having a blog encourages the sharing of information that will improve the success and understanding of the industry.

Since WISC is a member-based Association created to help members succeed, only submissions from voting members and member company representative, individuals from same member companies, Academics and student submissions entered via the Academic member, will be reviewed and considered.  All external guest submissions will be reviewed and considered based on the authors contributions with WISC as a speaker or other engagement.

Quality requirements

An effective WISC Association blog post should:

  • Provide value that can resonate to the CEO and to a student. Your work should be understandable to a wide audience.
  • Be well-researched and well-written.
  • Provide deep insights beyond general knowledge on a timely, relevant topic that provides value to our readers.
  • Strive to avoid topics that have been covered many times over.
  • Provide at least one tangible takeaway a reader can apply to their business and/or career.

The not-so-fine print:

  • Original content only. Content published on cannot be published on another platform or website, or it will be removed from our site. Once the blog is submitted, the content is the property of the WISC Association. 
  • Avoid writing a blog that is a sales pitch or divisive. Self-promotion and partisanship must be limited to your author bio.
  • Anything that is constructed as a link-building scheme.  Links that exceed those necessary to validate/support your work.
  • Proper citations must be included for facts, figures, and quotes. They will be challenged by the membership and if should to be invalid, or plagiarized, the submission will be removed, and the author will no longer be permitted to give any future submissions.
  • The WISC Association reserves the right to edit/adapt/promote or reject the guest blog as seen fit. 
  • You will be required to have a bio and personal photo that will be posted at the conclusion of the blog.

How to get your blog published:

The WISC Association will have limited opportunities each year for published blogs.  We are very selective with the guest blogs that we will allow on the site for our members.  Please review the detail below to make sure your submission has a chance to be published.

Step 1: Create a content proposal

Before you spend the time crafting a full blog post, submit a quick content proposal that includes:

  • Proposed topic
  • Proposed title and outline
  • Brief author bio
  • Writing sample

Some example topics include (but not limited to):

  • Logistics – air cargo, trucking, rail and marine
  • Procurement
  • Inland Port
  • Warehouse
  • Manufacturing
    • Engineering, Operations
  • Energy
    • Oil & Gas, Solar, Wind, Electric, Hydrogen, etc.
  • Agribusiness
  • Import/export
    • Legal/Contracts, Regulatory, Compliance, etc.
  • Blockchain
  • Business strategy
  • Leadership
  • Human resources
  • Marketing
  • Accounting/financial management
    • FinTech, TechFin, eCommerce, etc.
  • Small business advice
  • Current trends

Step 2: Submit your proposal

  • Submit the above items using the form here.
  • Please allow 1-2 weeks for a response.

After review of your proposal, you will be notified by email whether your submission is accepted or not.  If there is interest in moving forward with your blog. If we are, WISC will work with you to set a realistic timeline that incorporates time for us working with you to review the blog as well as the publishing date.

Step 3: Once your proposal is approved, craft your blog

Keep your post to less than 1000 words but longer than 500 words.

Images can benefit your work but may impede on the value.  If the images are not critical to your blog, reconsider using them.  Have one image that supports or introduces your blog, sized 1000px wide (in JPG format). 
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