Community, Networking & Leadership

A membership in Women in Supply Chain offers direct access with thought leaders, industry veterans, and top recruits from across Canada.

Your membership is the opportunity to contribute to, and grow, the Association through participation and input.

Success is achieved through connections, collaboration, support and expertise of a strong network. Community and Leadership are discovered and nurtured when diversity and depth of membership is encouraged.

Grow the Community and Industry, grow your, individual or professional, opportunity, grow your knowledge, share your knowledge, grow the circle of influence. Knowledge is gained and shared in an environment of accomplished professionals.

Championing a protégé – teaching and supporting are the experiences that when given, is received twofold back. Be in front and amongst a large network, open doors, and assist others in discovering the opportunities in supply chain.

Every link in the Supply Chain is needed:

  • Strategic and Project Management,
  • Logistics – Procurement, Inventory management,
  • Transportation: air, rail, shipping, and trucking,
  • Warehouse – Distribution management, shipping and receiving, Routing
  • Manufacturing – Engineering, Quality Management, Production
  • Legal – Contract, International and Compliance,
  • Administration – CEO, CFO, Management, Finance, Accounting, Marketing, Customer Service
  • Information Technology (IoT) – software management and development,
  • Human Resources.
New online applications for WISC can be completed at any time. Each membership enrolment is an annual commitment. All membership fees are subject to GST.

Still not convinced?

There are so many benefits to becoming a member of Women in Supply Chain. Direct access with thought leaders, industry veterans, and top recruits from around Canada

Focused on Networking, Community and Leadership. Bringing businesses, academics, and individuals together to learn, engage, support, and inspire success and growth of the Supply Chain profession and its members.

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