Our Frequently Asked Questions

WISC is a member driven organization for the development and growth of individuals, as well as the profession.

Read the Purpose page, Our History, and the Vision, Mission and Values, for further insight.

If you have any additional questions, please connect with us.

Yes, anyone can attend an event, if you pay the fee associated with the event you wish to attend.

Members do receive discounts to events based on their membership.

Members also get exclusive, early-access, to each event, so certain events may fill up before non-members are able to purchase tickets.

We believe that the Women in Supply Chain Association (WISC) offers substantial value-add, in the form of industry-leading speakers, talent, and networking opportunities to industry.

Membership demonstrates deeper commitment and builds a further sense of community.  It creates both professional and personal relationships.

Our goal with the membership is to help us build a strong financial foundation to allow us to eventually host larger and more exciting events and presentations

The long-term goal is to encourage and facilitate franchises for the WISC Association in other communities across Canada; as well, grow our reach outside of Canada.

Firstly, individual membership details can be found on the Membership Page

Membership varies, based on whether you are joining individually or as an organization, your level of commitment, required access, and desired participation

Additionally, your organizations size can determine your membership.  We offer multiple choices and even offer an A la cart customization

Ultimately, which membership you choose is a personal and financial decision.  If you want further details, please reach us.

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