Why Be A Member

“To me belonging to WISC is an opportunity to recognize that being a supply chain professional is not solely industry driven, but it is professionally driven. And learning and meeting your peers across multiple industries affirms what you do and gives you a sense of validation that what you do matters.”

- Cindy Clark

WiSC Founder

Membership is an opportunity to shape the Supply Chain industry. What we create here will ripple outwards to the global supply chain community.


Membership Benefits


Championing those in or entering Supply Chain enhances leadership development – for both participants, it allows the champion to reflect on their own objectives.

To be designed to connect a champion and a protégé with the goal to support and reinforce professional development, growth, career advancement, and often personal growth

Occupation & Organization Advancement

Unique social and professional industry events, roundtables, and information sessions lead to professional learning and change opportunities that benefits both the professional and the organization.

Meet like-minded recruits and organizations that want to partner to expand their organization and their industry.

Community Contribution

Member-selected foundation will be supported on a yearly and a bi-yearly basis that contributes to the overall health and prosperity of both the foundation and the community as a whole

Connect your brand with community events to promote a positive image and allow you to feel a sense of pride in your team’s involvement.

Member Access

Have direct access to a member directory that includes current contact details so you can generate partnerships efficiently

Opportunity to reconnect with friends and peers

Exclusive Rates & Early Access to Events

Exclusive WiSC events, and partner events (as available), priced to reflect membership

Be the first to know about all WiSC and partner events (as available)

Member Reader Board/Shared Blog

Share ideas and lessons through our online Blog that supports our growing and thriving community.

Position your brand as a thought leader to an immediate group of organizations and individuals that actually value and benefit from your comments.

Get Involved

Success is gained through the connections, collaboration, support and expertise of a strong network. Community and Leadership are discovered and nurtured when diversity and depth of membership is encouraged.
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