Our Purpose

The purposes of the Women in Supply Chain Association:


The community of persons in the workforce, with the support and participation of industries, facilitates understanding in how collaboration and cooperation can transform industries and the lives of those in our local and global communities to thrive through the network of the supply chain industry.


With Academic Institutes and Industry Leaders to develop expertise in supply chain: Strategic and Project Management, Logistics – Procurement, Inventory management, Transportation: air, rail, shipping, and trucking, Warehouse – Distribution management, shipping and receiving, Routing, Manufacturing – Engineering, Quality Management, Production, Legal – Contract, International and Compliance, Administration – CEO, CFO, Management, Finance, Accounting, Marketing, Customer Service, Information Technology (IoT) – software management and development, emerging technologies, and Human Resources.

Public Forum

That provides a platform to share and understand current and future policy issues relating to Supply Chain; locally and globally.

Independent Research

Partnerships and initiatives, to publish and disseminate, transportation, information technology, logistics and regulatory matters. The research will include, but not be limited to; matters of an economic, public policy, managerial, legal, environmental, person rights, inclusiveness and barriers, technology and impacts, and integration of supply chain.


Knowledge and expertise for supply chain management which supports diploma and degree programs, short courses, seminars, workshops, conferences; in partnership with educational institutes and affiliate associations.


With national organizations, supply chain professionals, and government funding agencies on initiatives that impact individuals in the supply chain industry.

Promote Career Opportunities

In the multitude of supply chain industry while understanding and recognizing transferable skills and the extensive opportunities available but not limited to: Automotive – parts: manufacturing and distribution, Retail – fashion, home goods, automotive, grocery, fuels, and business products, Commoditiesagriculture: farming, processing, and distribution, oil & gas: extraction, delivery, pipeline, processing, distribution, metals: mining, production, utilities: transmission, line instillation and management, storage, distribution, Government – communications, public policy, regulation, industry partnerships, municipal, provincial, federal, Professional Services – accounting, banking, legal: contracts, compliance, intellectual property, and risk management, marketing, commercial real estate, human resources, Technology – block chain, ERP, IoT, developers, entrepreneurship, venture funding, Transportationrail, air, shipping, trucking – engineers, dispatcher, cargo logistics and load management, analytics, operations, and technicians, Health Services – supply/sourcing/procurement management, risk and disaster management, resource allocation, analytics, and human resources.


Supply chain professionals and businesses through networking and training opportunities in the supply chain industry.


For gathering and exchanging knowledge on supply chain issues; sharing best practices through national conferences and communications aimed at individuals and businesses in supply chain.

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