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Women in Supply Chain (WISC) Association is a member driven association that champions persons in Supply Chain by creating opportunities to learn about and share the knowledge from the membership, guest presenters, and organized events such as conferences, to cultivate relationships that enhance corporate, professional, and personal lives – both inside the association and the community.

WISC Association membership includes students, individuals, entrepreneurs, academics, professionals and corporate executives that are in or interested in: Logistics, Procurement, Manufacturing, Distribution, Warehouse, Transportation, and Contracts – Legal, Human Resources, Finance, Professional Services, Health Services, Technology and Government.

Working in some of, but not limited to, the following industries: Agribusiness, Natural Resources – forestry, metals and minerals, oil and gas, Utilities, Mining, Food Processing and Safety, Developers and Implementation of – Blockchain, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), and Internet of Things (IoT), Air Cargo and travel, Rail, Trucking, Retail, Construction, Environmental Services, and Maintenance services.

WISC Association’s goal is to educate the community on the value and necessity of the Supply Chain industry.  That the value of this industry can safeguard an organization and a country through economic challenges through innovation, communication, visibility, and cooperation.

Membership is both Individual and Corporate

Membership reinforces value. Individuals who, for the advancement and growth of their personal and professional objectives, join to learn, enhance, contribute, champion, seek guidance, and create opportunity not only for themselves but those they connect with.

Individually, members recognize that to seek knowledge only from a confined environment, limits new strategy and solutions. It also limits opportunities for advancement.

Corporately, to assume the message internally is the most advantageous, or finite, could inadvertently prove limiting or wrong. Allowing stakeholders to reach out, share knowledge, seek input, and engage in new perspectives, creates an energized and driven stakeholder. It also opens opportunity for collaboration and an expanded network.

A community, an organization, if working together, can generate the momentum that will create the change necessary for success and prosperity of the individual and society

Become a WISC Association Sponsor

Sponsorship provides opportunities to promote your brand and connect with industry leaders, government, the disruptors, academics, decision makers and individuals that have the same interest in the success of their organization and the industry.

Sponsorship allows you and your organization to show commitment to your people, their careers and development; through networking, learning from industry leaders, discovering and championing new graduates or your next new team member, awareness of new academic programs, new technology and how it could serve your organization, and so much more.

Here is why you should be involved:

Proportionate to the investment, sponsors are recognized through an integrated communications and marketing campaign that includes, but not limited to:
  • Recognition of your support throughout the year or at individual events
  • WISC Association monthly e-newsletter – direct marketing to a network of current and future business leaders including WISC Association members, affiliate organizations, and monthly subscribers
  • Commercial advertising campaign, online, or print for events (as appropriate)
  • Social media (SM) outreach including LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter
  • WISC Association promotional program

Developing and engaging new tools to reach all in Supply Chain:

We look forward to meeting your needs – just call us at (Office) 403-899-9451 or email us at marketing@wiscassociation.com

Thank you in advance for your consideration and your participation.


Annual Partnership Sponsorship Levels Exemplifies the Vision

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Event Sponsorship Levels Exemplifies Team Development

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The WISC Association will commit to work with our sponsors for our mutual success. The WISC Association is a growing organization that will have national reach which will strengthen the image and value of your sponsorship.

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